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Balthazar Getty
Barrie Ingham
Barry Bostwick
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Barry Harris
Barry Newman
Barry Pepper
Barry Watson
Barry Williams
Bartolomeo Pagano
Basil Hoskins
Basil Rathbone
Basil Rathbone
Beau Brady
Beau Bridges
Behrouz Vossoughi
Bela Lugosi
Bela Lugosi
Ben Adams
Ben Affleck
Ben Alexander
Ben Blue
Ben Cooper
Ben Foster
Ben Freeman
Ben Gazzara
Ben Gould
Ben Jelen
Ben Johnson
Ben Jorgenson
Ben Kingsley
Ben Murphy
Ben Nicholas
Ben Patrick Johnson
Ben Savage
Ben Savage
Ben Stein
Ben Stiller
Ben Unwin
Ben Vereen
Benicio Del Toro
Benjamin Bratt
Benjamin Britten
Benjamin Hart
Benjamin McKenzie
Benny Hill
Bernie McInerney
Bernie Paz
Bernt Haas
Bert Lahr
Berton Churchill
Bill Bixby
Bill Cable
Bill Campbell
Bill Cosby
Bill Dana
Bill Maher
Bill McClean
Bill Mumy
Bill Murray
Bill Nunn
Bill Paxton
Bill Pullman
Bill Williams
Bill Wirth
Billy Bob Thornton
Billy Boyd
Billy Crawford
Billy Crudup
Billy Crystal
Billy Currington
Billy Dee Williams
Billy Drago
Billy Halop
Billy Idol
Billy MacQueen
Billy Newton-Davis
Billy Strayhorn
Billy Warlock
Billy Wirth
Billy Zane
Bing Crosby
Biron Andersson
Bjorn Andresen
Blaine Wilson
Blair McDonough
Blair Underwood
Blake Lewis
Blake Riley
Blayne Weaver
Blind Melon
Bo White
Bob Crane
Bob Denver
Bob Geldorf
Bob Hope
Bob Hoskins
Bob Mould
Bob Seagren
Bobby Cannavale
Bobby Crush
Bobby Darin
Bobby Darling
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Bobby Sherman
Bobby Van
Bola de Nieve
Bon Jovi
Bonar Colleano
Borgy Manotoc
Boris Karloff
Boris Kodjoe
Bow Wow
Boy George
Brad Davis
Brad Dourif
Brad Paisley
Brad Pinkert
Brad Pitt
Brad Renfro
Brad Rowe
Brad Rowe
Brad Turvey
Brad Walsh
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Stryker
Bradley Whitford
Brady Quinn
Branden Oliver
Brandon Beemer
Brandon Flowers
Brandon Henschel
Brandon Lee
Brandon Mills
Brandon Peniche
Brandon Routh
Branko Tomovic
Brendan Fehr
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Gleeson
Brendon Urie
Brennan Elliott
Brent Corrigan
Brent Huff
Brent Javier
Brent Stait
Brent Van Zant
Brent Weber
Brett Chukerman
Brett Hawke
Brett Henrichsen
Brett Hollands
Brett Michaels
Brian Aherne
Brian Austin Green
Brian Blessed
Brian Bloom
Brian Bosworth
Brian Buzzini
Brian Cox
Brian Datillo
Brian Dennehy
Brian Fortuna
Brian Hutton
Brian Glover
Brian Gross
Brian Joubert
Brian Keith
Brian Kennedy
Brian Kerwin
Brian Krause
Brian Pockar
Brian Thompson
Broderick Crawford
Brodie Holland
Brody Jenner
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Cabot
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Dern
Bruce Greenwood
Bruce James
Bruce LaBruce
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce McGill
Bruce Michael Hall
Bruce Willis
Bruce Yarnell
Bruno Ferrari
Bruno Folster
Bruno Gagliasso
Bruno Santos
Bryan Brown
Bryan Dattilo
Bryan Greenberg
Bud Abbott
Bud Spencer
Buddy Ebsen
Bunny Breckinridge
Burgess Meredith
Burt Lancaster
Burt Reynolds
Buster Crabbe
Buster Keaton

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